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Online Reservation

Interruption of walk-in during the temporary relocation period and enforcement of full online reservation system

1. Walk-in, which was previously implemented every Thursday and Friday, will be suspended from   

Mar 13 (Mon) to Jun 30 (Fri) during the relocation. There will be a complete online reservation system.

2. Online reservations will be available beginning at 10:00 AM on Mar 10 (Fri), from Mar 16 to Apr 15. Up to 30 days after the present time and date are available for booking beginning on Mar 16 (Thurs).

[Example] Access the online reservation website on Mar 20 (Mon) and make a reservation on the available date between Mar 20 (Mon) and Apr 19 (Wed) / When accessing the reservation site on Mar 25 (Sat), reservations can be made on the dates available from Mar 25 (Sat) to Apr 24 (Mon).  

When making an online reservation

1. Please sign in first and make a reservation. (Click "Log-in" next to language bar)

  • You only need your email address to sign in.

2. Only the person who needs the consular affairs service should make an online reservation under his/her name to   the service needed.  

3. If you need more than one consular service, please make a reservation for each service you wish to do.

4. During the two-week term, one person can only book one appointment per service

  • If there are duplicate appointments booked for the same service, all other reservations except for the earliest reservation will be cancelled without notice.

  • The Consulate will cancel all duplicate reservations, as soon as they are spotted. The Consulate will not accept any complaints or requests in regards to duplicate reservations.

5. Please cancel your reservation if you can't make it.

  • You must cancel your reservation at least 8 hours in advance.

  • You can cancel your reservation after logging in. Go to <My reservation> menu under your name.

6. Even if you made a reservation with us, we may have to cancel your reservation due to following reasons:

  • If you book duplicate appointments with the same service.

  • Due to unforeseen internal circumstances or emergency situations.


Important notice

1. Before visiting the consulate, please check our website and bring the required documents.

2. Be sure to prepare the fee in cash.

3. Please log in before you reserve, and cancel your spot if you cannot come.

4. You will only be able to receive the service you made a reservation for; if you mistakenly made a reservation for       a wrong service, you must revisit after correcting your reservation. 

5. Be sure to arrive 10 mins before your reservation, you may not receive your service if you come late. 

  • ex) Please arrive by 8:50 am for 9:00 am reservation.


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