Online Reservation

Last April, the Consulate General had made changes to the reservation system to provide service to as many people as possible

by creating a waiting list and contacting individuals.

To maximize efficiency the Consulate will implement the following,

starting from May 10, 2021:

1. During the two-week term, one person can only book one appointment per service

  • If there are duplicate appointments booked for the same service, all other reservations except for the earliest reservation will be cancelled without notice.

  • The Consulate will cancel all duplicate reservations, as soon as they are spotted. The Consulate will not accept any complaints or requests in regards to duplicate reservations.
    (ex) As soon as the Consulate confirms that duplicate reservations have been made by the same person on dates 1, 3, 5, the Consulate will delete all reservations except for date 1(the earliest date), with no exceptions

2.  Reservation and cancellation will be accepted through the website only 

  • You must cancel your reservation at least 8 hours in advance when you can't make it.

  • You can cancel your reservation after logging in. Go to <My reservation> menu under your name.

< Reservation >

1. Please sign in first and make a reservation. (Click "Log-in" next to language bar)

2. New reservation slots open on 10th and 25th day of each month at 10:00 AM.

  • 10th day: same month 16th day ~ last day. (Ex, slots for Oct. 16th ~ 31st will open on Oct. 10th)

  • 25th day: next month 1st day ~ 15th day. (Ex, slots for Nov. 1st ~ 15th will open on Oct. 25th)

  • If the 10th and 25th day is weekend or holiday, slots open on next business day. 

Using mailing services

1. Visitors to the Consular Section are encouraged to use mailing services whenever possible and if the matter is non-urgent and non-essential. 
- Services offered through mail: Nationality renunciation application, military extension application, degree notarization, etc.

2. For passports and visa pickups, applicants are encouraged to bring a prepaid Xpresspost return envelope at the time of application submission to minimize the number of visitors to the Consular Section.

3. If you still wish to pick up your passport or visa in person, please visit between 3:45pm to 4:20pm on the date you have been asked to pick up. You will be admitted to the Consular Section on a first come, first served basis. 

When making an online reservation

1. Only the person who needs the consular affairs service should make an online reservation under his/her name to the service needed. (ID will be checked at the door) 

2. If you need more than one consular service, please make a reservation for each service you wish to do at the consulate.

3. Please cancel your reservation if you can't make it.


4. Even if you made a reservation with us, we may have to cancel your reservation due to following reasons:

  • If you book several appointments with the same service.

  • Due to unforeseen internal circumstances or emergency situations.


Important notice

To prevent overcrowding and maintain social distancing in the Consular Section, we are limiting the number of visitors at any given time to a maximum of 10 people. Therefore, you may not be admitted for any of the following reasons: 

1. Please wear your own mask to keep yourself and others safe. 

2. Only the person the reservation is made under will be admitted and the name on the ID must match the name of the reservation. 

3. You will only be able to receive the service you made a reservation for; if you mistakenly made a reservation for a wrong service, you must revisit after correcting your reservation. 

4. If you arrive late, please revisit with a new appointment. 

5. No family members, friends, or minors are allowed to enter the building with the person who has the reservation. 

On the day of reservation

As the building is closed to the general public due to COVID 19, please expect the admission process may take longer than usual.

1. Please arrive 10 mins before your appointment. (Latecomers will not be admitted)

2. Please be prepared to show our staff your ID to be escorted to the Consular Section

3. Please understand that the start time of the consular service may differ from the stated reservation time due to a delay.  

4. Please make sure to bring cash for any fees needed (no debit or credit card payment is available)



Apply / Renew Passport




Apply Visa


Nationality Renunciation / Denationalization


Family Registration / Military Service / etc