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Important notice

1. When making an online reservation, please reserve one spot for each applicant.
   Ex) If the mother makes a reservation for herself and her 3 minor children, 4 spots in total are needed for her to     apply for the passports. *Note: Maximum 4 spots can be made at once.

2. Only the passport applicant (or legal guardian) can be admitted.

   Note: In the case of applying for a passport for a minor, if a parent or a legal guardian brings the minor's photo,       the child does not need to enter. 

3. Please bring following completed forms when coming to applying for a passport if applicable.

   1) Legal guardian consent (Attachment 5) - Click here

   2) Consent for receiving passport(s) by mail - Click here

4. Consular Service section only accepts cash (no credit card or debit cards accepted)

5. To pick up your passport, you must visit between 3:45 to 4:20 on the date the pickup date is give and onward

6. Be sure to arrive 10 mins before your reservation, you may not receive your service if you come late. 

  • ex) Please arrive by 8:50 am for 9:00 am reservation.


7. Please click here for more information.

여권 업무 (Passport)

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